The Shadowed Kiss Pack was formed from The Blood Silver Pack after the departure of Patrick Gauthier and the death of David the Acrobat. The pack operates in Welwyn just as it did previously but under the leadership of Elizabeth Walker a much more formal and defined set of rules
and goals has been instituted.

Leadership of the pack has now been given over to Sebastian Warren by decree of his sire. Initially he wished to rename the pack "The Olympians" but this idea was bluntly vetoed by Elizabeth. The pack's direction and future again hang in the balance.

Members Edit

The current members of this pack are:

Pack Chart

Activities Edit

The pack observes a number of holidays and celebrations as follows:

  • The embrace date of each member.
  • The date of the pack's creation (three night celebration).
  • Candlemass on the 2nd of Feburary each year.
  • Festival of the Dead on the second week of March each year.
  • Beltaine on the 1st of May each year.
  • Summer Solstice, 21st of June.
  • Lammas on the 1st of August each year.
  • Halloween on the 31st of October each year.
  • Winter Solstice, 21st of December.

Communication Edit

To verify each other's identity when meeting up members of this pack open by saying:

Beautiful night

To which the correct response is:

Dark enough for a kiss

Others Edit

The pack employs a number of ghouls who are currently undergoing a trial to determine their usefulness. The pack is currently seeking the acquisition of a number of blood dolls to act as food and servants for them.

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