Wednesday 6th FebruaryEdit

Went through Creation Rites and the Vaulderie. Met The Shifty Brothers , found out Roger is a troll, Alex Kissed Helen .

Monday 21st JanuaryEdit

Sabbat Trials - Put Bob into "torpor"

Thursday 17th JanuaryEdit

Went to MMA Training

Wednesday 16th JanuaryEdit

Rented office for Warren & Noble .

Tuesday 15th JanuaryEdit

Went to MMA training. Heard about the Animals Crime Syndicate. Went to Red Masque , found out Anna is the owner; not vampire, mage or werewolf, probably Fae. Alex can "see" things. Dave didn't come home.

Monday 14th JanuaryEdit

Spoke to George about setting up Warren & Noble Solicitors

Sunday 13th JanuaryEdit

Relaxed in pub with Alex after busy week. Met Helen the barmaid.

Saturday 12th JanuaryEdit

Bought James suit went to Golf club with James, Emily & Alex. Heard rumours about; Taxi drive being drained, Police looking for girl with bow, Environmental campaign against housing development, unusual green man spotted.

Friday 11th JanuaryEdit

Met girl from Tuesday, had fun with her, her friends. Got home, Alex and Emily went to Brothel called the Red Masque.

Thusday 10th JanuaryEdit

Went to MMA training with James & Alex. Got home, scared Emily with Obtennebration. Dave the Acrobat is older than he let on.

Wednesday 9th JanuaryEdit

Went to Golf Club with Emily, met Councillor Martyn Levett.

Tuesday 8th JanuaryEdit

Bought some clothes, rented house with Alex, Met girl in bar that works at Roche.

Monday 7th JanuaryEdit

Picked up in a van, chased by werewolves, stayed at Premier Inn during the day.

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