Michael Baxter is a 12th Generation vampire of the Kiasyd bloodline.

Description Edit

Michael has silvery hair, purple-black almond shaped eyes, pale white skin and is tall (at 6'3"). He prefers to dress in the style of the time from when he was embraced (the 1940s) and typically wears a suit.

He is a Neuroscientist and has demonstrated the Disciplines of Animalism, Auspex, Celerity, Fortitude and Obfuscate in addition to the standard Kiasyd Disciplines of Dominate, Mytherceria and Obtenebration.

History Edit

In 1944 he was serving as a liaison officer in the allied forces (attached to the 2nd French Armoured Division) when he was embraced after his unit had liberated the city of Strasbourg from the Nazis. He returned to England some years later and entered into an unlife of quiet study as is typical for his kind. Though loyal to the Sabbat he preferred to stay out of open conflict and instead aided the Sword of Caine with his knowledge. 

He is fascinated with languages, codes, puzzles, ciphers and the like but is quite well read in a variety of topics. During the faith wars he was forced to take a more active role in events and participated in a number of battles before mysteriously disappearing at the end of the war. He is the sire of Alexandra Edwards, and his current whereabouts are unknown, but presumed to be held hostage by nymphs in the Broxbourne Woods.

Prior to his current fate he was a member of The Red Tooth Pack.

On 11/3/13 The Shadowed Kiss Pack attempted to rescue Michael from the realm of the Aonides and succeeded, but due to the time altering affects they encountered the pack didn't emerge with Michael until 15/3/13 despite having experienced only a few hours there.

Shortly afterwards he was pronounced Bishop by the nascent Archbishop Gabrielle Agostino to watch over Hertfordshire for her whilst she went to meet with the Sabbat Prisci in Europe.

Michael then confided in his childe Alexandra that he is a Bahari, a follower of Lilith. He also carries a book containing secrets of evil blood magic known as Dark Thaumaturgy. He claimed this used to belong to Yve as she once was a practitioner of this art but gave it up. Because of the secrets it contains the book cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

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